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Breaking the Pressure Cooker Mentality: How to Raise Your Self-Worth

Life can feel like living inside of a pressure cooker if you are always focused on having more. Society, advertising, the next door neighbor, and more can be putting unconscious pressure on you to have more. The newest sneaker, computer, gaming system whatever it is that you focus on is what you feel under the gun on to have now or even yesterday. So, this keeps us striving and driving for more resources, opportunities, and money.

This pressure is something I am very familiar with. For thirty years I was on the staircase of promotion, management, salary vs. hourly wage, moving up the corporate ladder was the goal. Where I saw myself at the top, I had no idea. I had no college degree and I was working for a small companies where my ceiling cap would be store manager or team leader...and I knew I did not want that position: all the responsibility and very little money when you averaged out the salary divided by the actual hours worked.

I had bought into to the complacency of being under pressure to make more and more money. But no matter how hard I worked, no matter how far I was promoted, I was not happy. And I did not have the things this mindset was supposed to bring: new car, house, vacations, the latest trend and happiness.

I was living under the umbrella of feeling like I never had enough. I was letting status, title, and the money it brought to by the ethos of my family and the society that had informed their beliefs. Money was our God. It informed all my decisions because not to have a lot of money and the things it brings meant I wasn't safe, stable, successful, or valuable.

Money is not the enemy. Money is a tool. Like any tool are you using it for what it is intended? Money is to be used in exchange for goods and services. The imbalance becomes when you place all your focus on the acquisition of it above all else. It becomes the yardstick that you measure your self-worth on. This is the pressure cooker society wants you to be in because then you are controllable.

Money, as your God, is only going to bring unhappiness. Even when by society's standards you reach a lot of it, you do not feel you have enough, or are valuable. Only the next deposit brings you your feeling of value. And it only lasts for the amount of time it takes the number to show up in your on-line banking.

Putting your self-worth back where it belongs, and money in its place in your life, are you able to feel truly happy or fulfilled. Your self-worth comes from your ability to love yourself, respect who you are, and have admiration for the person you are, your talents, your abilities, and your capacity to love others.

Money is energy and when you start to see that it flows in and out of your life, then you are able to let go of the power that it has over you. By controlling your use, budgeting, and being grateful for what you do have, more comes to you. You can be safe and stable without the fear that you are a failure or not worthy to have what you want.

Putting your faith into God that is Source Love is where you then can find true happiness as that is where inner peace, happiness, and self-worth come from. They reside within you, the God that is you. Source Love is all around you and you have the ability to tap into it each and every moment of every day. This is where your faith will flourish.

  • Money is Energy.

  • Self-Worth comes from Source-Love: God.

  • Gratitude for what you have brings more to you.

  • Love resides inside of you: The God inside.

The pressure cooker is self-made. You can release it at any time. The fear of what is on the other side can be what keeps us in the pot. Breaking free can take work to re-learn who you are without the money god. But it is worth it because you get to re-connect with yourself, who you are, what you love, your goals, passions, desires, and the essence of who you are.

If you need help connecting to the essence of yourself, join me on a healing journey of self-discovery. Blessings, M xo

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