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Guidance 311 is to help you in your evolution of spiritually awakening. When you are at the beginning of this journey, where do you go? How do you proceed? I am being guided to share my experiences and lessons to help you on your journey through my experiences and lessons guiding you with information and tools to help you. At this time on the planet, we are waking up to becoming consciously aware unlike ever before. We are all being guided to connect to realizing our divinity within through raising our vibrational frequency to be connected and living our life purpose.
Healing our past traumas and dramas will be essential in raising our vibration and I offer Integrated Energy Therapy®  as an energy healing modality, working with the angels to transform the “issues in the tissues.”
I have designed classes, meditations, and tools to help you learn to connect with your guides, ascended masters, angels, and crossed over loved ones. We are all hard-wired to connect, but we need to learn the skills, trust the guidance and act on the inspiration to begin to live in alignment…that is why we are here.

What Working With Me is Like

This is a beautiful gift from Stephanie Powers of Eclectic Hedge describing IET®, Classes and working with me. Thank you, Stephanie! Blessings, M xo

Classes Being Offered This Fall

I offer 2 Courses. One is Evidentiary Medium for the beginner Medium that is beginning to offer his/her services. And, Intuitive Guidance for those who are ready to begin connecting to spirit and building their relationship.

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