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3 Ways to Navigate This Mercury Retrograde

Anxiety seems to be almost a buzz word in this time. Just a couple of decades ago when I was growing up, you didn’t hear it. Now, it is everywhere, and I have been up close and personal with it. It has taken me a long time to recognize it in my family much more preveniently than I would have expected.

Experiencing occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. However, people with anxiety disorders frequently have intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Often, anxiety disorders involve repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety and fear or terror that reach a peak within minutes (panic attacks).

Today, I seem to be up close and person with this feeling. I have been feeling anxious. And, for me I am looking at this through the lens of my faith, my connection to my team of guides, angels, and ascended Masters; but more importantly, my higher self, where I am able to trust through faith that I am guided, protected, and loved beyond measure in this life experience at this time.

Being able to navigate this feeling, and I do not and am not trying to marginalize in any way what you experience…this disorder can cripple some in trying to live a normal, healthy life. (Please seek medical help if you need help…I am not a medical professional and am not giving medical advice.)

When we are being taken out of our normal rhythm or routine, we can feel overwhelmed and anxious because there is an unknown quality to the situation. We have fear that manifests because our ego/fight or flight mechanism is trying to keep us safe. How will it go? Will I be safe and/or stable? Will I be accepted? What will the outcome be? Or will the outcome be acceptable?

When you can believe that you will be ok in any situation because you are not in control, that is a liberating feeling. When you can believe that your higher self is in control and always bringing you to that which is for you because they do have the road map of your life purpose and how to get you there on it in the easiest most beneficial way. That is Faith.

In this Mercury retrograde, we are being brought new perspectives in where we are in our journey and many adjustments will be made. This has the potential to create anxiety.

This Taurus energy is about our foundations and Root or Base Chakra energies being engaged in to take us to a more stable or solid situation, which may move you out of a situation that you were not expecting; and even if you did expect it, it can still produce anxiety symptoms as you are taken into the new. Many will experience moving physically, and some will experience movement in the areas of career and partners…bringing you more into alignment with what is better for you.

Recently, I heard the phrase used, “your most compatible soul mate.” And, for many that is what this new energy is bringing in.

These changes albeit all heralding positive shifts can still feel overwhelming. Take the necessary steps and use these three steps as much as needed to help maintain your equilibrium through this Rx:

· Check in with your Higher Self regularly

· Ground through walking meditations, salt baths and enjoying nature

· Stay in Gratitude

Blessings, M xo

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