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3 Ways to Navigate The Libra Full Moon Energy

People are popping up. Old friendships, relationships, or situations that you thought had ended long ago. The best way to handle someone showing up is to be discerning. What are their intentions? What do they want? Is there something new here? Or are they bringing you the same, old, tired story?

These energies are A LOT! For some who are unconscious and have no idea why they are feeling the way they are…ie: uncomfortable…they are looking to make themselves feel better, and in some way that has been you in the past…so here they are again. They are looking for you to help them feel better about themselves in some way. And be very careful of the returning Lothario…the one who broke your heart.

Libra energy is sexy, charming, and wanting a balance to its dynamic. This energy will bring some back who are looking for that balance and stability that you provided previously for them. This is why YOU have to be discerning. Because the other part of this energy is Venus being direct and that is about love entering on your life.

And truthfully, we all want love in our lives. And, we are here to have it. But the other part of Libra’s energy is to balance the scales. So, if the person returning isn’t balancing the scales, but wanting to take and have another cycle of the previous go ‘round…the best way to handle that is to say “no, thank you.” Unless you are looking for a little fun! Then, my friends, go forth with eyes wide open.

However, if you are looking for stability, character, and a partnership, then please be discerning about THEIR intentions. It is ok to ask, “what are you looking for or wanting?” Often times we are so excited to be reconsidered or brought back into their sphere of influence, we lose our selves, our sense, our needs, and our desires. In being discerning, we are going in eyes wide open.

When we feel overwhelmed and out of sorts, it is easy to fall back into something that feels familiar. In this energy, take a moment to breathe and look through a clear lens about what is in front of you, now. Not what was, not what could be, but what is here right now. Is this what I want? It is so easy to leave the rose-colored lenses on because then we can convince ourselves of what we want…not what is.

This energy is expansive, allowing a lot of re-connection. Be discerning about what that looks like so that you can have the relationships that you want. No judgement here…just know what you are getting!

  • Get Rest, Hydrate and Exercise

  • Set High Expectations for All Your Relationships

  • Be Discerning: Love You First

Please reach out if you need help navigating these energies.

Blessings, M xo


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