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Raising Your Frequency and What it Means to Your Life Now

Spiritually awakening is unprecedented. There is no precedent. We have no idea what it is or will look like in every case. Each instance is different. Each person takes their own path. Depending on where they come from or how they came to their awakening. There is no one size fits all. Every size is unique. Discovery the journey is part of the process. Some come from religious backgrounds, some come from deep wounds, and some come to it spontaneously.

Our emotions are frequency. Abraham through Esther Hicks brought us the Emotional Scale chart, showing us where our frequency is based on our emotions. Everything has a frequency because everything is energy. Quantum physics is now supporting our connection to our ‘etheric’ senses: clairvoyance, clair-cognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clair-gustation, and clair-olfaction. We are becoming awakened to the Universe unlike ever before. Becoming co-creators of our reality and learning to cooperate with each other and our eco-system, Mother Gaia, allowing us to manifest and live in alignment with where our frequency is in this moment.

Some are still on the lower rungs of the chart in denial, despair, and fear of the changes happening on the Earth plane to all of us. We are all receiving the light codes and downloads to our energetic systems. Some are more ready than others to receive this information. These changes bring uncomfortableness to get us to move up the chart into compassion, empathy and ultimately, Love.

It is this uncomfortableness that leads to the fear. We have been programmed to stay safe in being comfortable with our circumstances because that is what we know. Unfortunately, for some what we know is negative circumstances: abuse, addiction, trauma, pain, which has caused us to get comfortable with those feelings causing us to stay in those frequencies drawing more of those feelings to us through situations that we create in our lives to sustain us in the comfortability of what we perceive as normal.

These energetic light codes being downloaded to us are bringing us to get uncomfortable with our comfortability in the normal that does not serve us or our higher calling of service to humanity. Each person’s service will look different as to ‘how’ they are being of service, however, we are being pushed to be and do more. The ascension is the moving up the chart into higher states of emotion to get us to get comfortable in this new energy or paradigm shift of cooperation, letting go of the competition war-like energy of the last millennia.

We are all being called to ‘shift’ our awareness. For some the process has been in place for decades, for some the process is in process, and for some they are just beginning to understand they are shifting. This is uncomfortability at its core. Only through making us uncomfortable will we make the necessary changes.

  • One step at a time progress is progress.

  • Nothing has to be gotten in a day.

  • Listen to your heart.

  • Trust your gut.

  • Find your tribe.

  • Use affirmations.

  • Become aware of your thoughts and change negative self-talk.

  • Meditate. Connect to your breath. Ground.

  • Use tools: cards, pendulums, oils, smudging, crystals, etc.

  • Read others’ stories, teachings and be discerning to what resonates with you.

  • Take classes with gifted teachers.

These are just a few ways to lean into the changes and connection with the Universe. The energy shifts and ascension process will only go forward from this point onward. There is no going back. Learning to navigate these energies and your response to them will be the most beneficial thing that you can do for yourself going forward.

I have created a course, Living in Love, for you to help you where you are at in this process. You can purchase it in the Shop, or you can receive it in the Spiritual Awakening Portal in the Subkit link.

Blessings, M xo

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