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Libra New Moon: New Dimensions Opening Up

We are hearing a lot about ascension and vibrational frequency, especially in this energy of the last part of 2022. These last few weeks I have been getting a lot of messages of transformation leading up to the Libra New Moon in September. This transformation is not comfortable. We are being led to all things new, different and for our good, even though there is nothing that feels like it is leading to good things. We cannot see them. We only know what is leaving or moving out of our experience, and for most of us this has been coming into our awareness over the last year. However, for some of us it is unexpected and jarring because we were not paying attention to what was going on around us that were giving us the clues.

Transformation is nothing more than evolution. We are here having this life experience to change. Change is always uncomfortable because if you stay making the same choices and decisions, then we do not evolve. We become stuck and stagnant, wondering why we are not receiving what we want. And we are here to get what we want.

Making these changes voluntarily or forced can feel isolating and very terrifying when everything you know breaks down. Evolution of the soul or ascending the Emotional Chart takes great effort and work on our part as spiritual beings having a human experience. Becoming connected through ascending and communicating with Source, God consciousness, or the Universe or whatever you designate as the more that is. Learning how to find the inner strength that is your connection to God source will be the turning point in your evolution journey. Once you find this connection within you nothing can stop you in the external: your life.

This evolution takes us into the higher dimensional frequencies, planes of existence, and the higher states of consciousness. This all happens inside of you. Your mind and heart hold the key to finding connection to God source. Understanding what you feel is relevant, what you think is relevant, and what you do is relevant. It all works together. You cannot feel bad and expect good experiences. You cannot think bad and receive good. You cannot do bad and have a positive result. It defies the Laws.

Living through the lens of compassion, love, and gratitude will bring you the most beneficial outcome. These frequencies are the keys to the higher dimensions of 5d and 7d energies that allow you to experience life from a different plane of existence while still be in your current life. You shift energetic fields or timelines. Your life flows in grace and ease, living in alignment with your soul’s purpose: being of service.

This new moon is birthing these changes from the energy patterns: light codes that have been flowing to the Earth’s atmosphere and received by us for the past six years. The culmination is upon us in this retrograde season and the Equinox three days before the new moon. Bringing in what, who and where we need to be for this next cycle in the evolution of our soul. For some this cycle will be short, and for some this cycle will be long. It does not matter which one is for you, what is important is that you lean into the changes. Do not resist or deny where you are being led, as that will not stop the change, but draw it out and make it harder to evolve through.

· Rest-no distractions, sleep as needed, get quiet, meditate, ground, salt bath, read

· Drink water-limit or no caffeine, alcohol, etc.

· Limit or disconnect from screen time

· Stay in supportive contact: conversations, relationships, situations

o Avoid anyone/thing that drains you as much as you can

· Use crystals, salt, sage, etc to help maintain your energy field

· Walk, Yoga-light exercise to help release dense energy from your field

Use discernment for yourself during this time in all areas of your life as to stay in balance and harmony as humanly possible: mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically.

Blessings, M xo

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