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Judgement: Keeping Yourself Safe

We all go through IT. Whatever IT is for you. We focus on areas of our lives to do with survival: love and money. These fears come from basic human survival instincts to have safety and security in your life situation. Love brings us the partner to be in our experience who has our back, respects us, and will protect us. Money gives us security in that we are able to pay our way in life to have the things: food, shelter, respect and status.

Life throws us curves in the form of obstacles and challenges. We have to navigate them using our own judgement. We make our decisions on how to move forward based on past experience, societal expectations, and hopefully from a place of desire. In all these ways we have the choice to choose what is best for our own needs by using discernment.

In the last few years, this word "discernment" has come into the collective consciousness as a word to help us navigate our world of duality. There is light and dark aspects that show us what we want and what we do not want, and we have to use our internal guidance system to navigate what that is. We have to discern between what is good for us, and what is not.

We use judgement coming from a place of "knowingness" deep inside of ourselves that is the guidance system for what we want, where we want to be and how we want to achieve happiness in life. For some this internal "knowingness" has been obscured or broken through traumatic experiences or forgotten, or the ability to reach inside to feel the answers, be in touch with internal intuition has been denounced. However, we are looking for help in guiding our lives.

This lack of connection to our internal navigation system: spirit, intuition, or God can leave one feeling lost, isolated and adrift in this vast sea of living a life filled with challenges: internal and external. So, we look for help from those who are in-tune with their connection to their navigation system, God, Goddess and Spirit. Some are born with a clear connection, some develop over time and some come in suddenly; and each of the ways of how the connection formed are just as profound as the other. There is no "best or better." Connection to source is connection.

Once the connection is established and the relationship is built where one can then trust and act on the connection, there is a responsibility in this relationship to live in integrity with it. Connection to Spirit and Source and the higher dimensions is a responsibility to be honored and used through humility. This will allow you to always be interacting with the highest, most loving beings on the other side of the veil, the higher dimensions. If you are not, then you have access to the lower vibrational frequencies, beings that do not live in integrity and can bring about chaos and harm into your life. You cannot have the light without the dark.

Having discernment about where you want to live, in regards to the light and the dark, and who you want to be a part of that life, whether in the physical or spiritual realms is setting the intention for what you will draw into your life experience: positive or negative.

When you are looking for guidance, help, navigation, connection to the higher realms, other side of the veil, or spirit, please also use discernment about who you choose to be the medium that will channel the connection for you. No one, not even spirit, can give you definitive answers about any part of your life. Because it is your life and you have free will to choose in each moment. No one can tell you what you will or won't do. No one should ever decide for you as this is your sovereign right in this life experience at this time to have whatever you want to have or be or do.

With this sovereignty comes choice and for some this is the hardest part is in making the choice. Using guidance, a medium, and/or spirit connection can point the direction and give you "more" information to make that choice, but no one can make it for you. That is the right that you are here to have. And, even in the depths of despair it is still your right to have free will choice. There is no fortune-teller, all-knowing answer, or magic bean. We have to do the work, make the choice, learn and grow through our lives that is why we are here.

Using a Medium: Have discernment. Ask questions. Get recommendations.

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