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7 Ways to Recognize Spiritual Ego

Spiritual ego happens when we get into connection with Source or our “clairs” to be able to receive. We start the ascension process, or we have a spontaneous spiritual awakening. For some this connection and revelation that there is more, can be euphoric because their life before was so traumatic, dramatic or they were living in the depths of despair with no hope. This can create a spiritual ego to rise up as we remember ourselves as multi-dimensional beings having a human experience.

1. Having lived so scared, unstable, or in a state of “fight or flight” for most of our lives, we now have the ability to understand and receive information, insight, and inspiration that feels “heady” and distorts our perception of ourselves. We lose humility.

2. Having a superiority complex in spiritual matters. Not recognizing that your experience is unique and that your step on the stairway of life is not the same as others. And, that no two stairways are the same, however different steps may share similar growth and evolution patterns.

3. Seeing your process as “better” or “best” way to evolve, grow or develop. Not valuing others process or recognizing each others’ processes as unique and individual.

4. Negating what others are experiencing or their journey. Trying to fit others into what you think the process should be or look like.

5. Elevating your process, evolution, or experiences as more evolved, more connected or more “in the know” because of length of time in the growth process, ascension type or spiritual practices.

6. Convinced your connection to spirit: channeling, mediumship, tarot, pendulum, runes, etc. is the better, best or only way.

7. You are convinced that only angels or only galactic beings are the higher source of knowledge, inspiration, or way of the Universe.

We have lost compassion and the highest vibration of love if we have allowed our spiritual ego to be unleashed. Our Solar Plexus Chakra holds the energy center of our humanity for ourselves. If we stay connected to and balance that Chakra, then we will be able to overcome any spiritual ego that we may get pulled into. We must always be open to transmuting our traumas and dramas as we have accumulated much over the course of this life, past lives, and generational patterning: conscious and unconscious.

Working with self-directed compassion or the angels, we can transmute the energy that has been holding you back to get into manifesting the happiness, health, love and fulfilled life that you came here to have.

Blessings, M xo

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