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7 Ways to Get What You Want

We want to be happy. We want to have stability. We want financial success. We want to be loved. However, we get in our own way. We don't take the opportunities, we don't take the chances, we don't meet the new people or we don't try to take the steps to the dream.

This is a journey: not a one in done. This can be a very disconcerting realization that we have to do the work that allows us to take the necessary steps to achieving our goals. There may have been many attempts along the way that have all ended in failure on some level, so we give up or take an easier path that is less fulfilling or someone else's idea of success for us.

Even when we have reached certain destinations, we have not been happy or felt fulfilled. These are the stepping stones that lead us on our path. We have to keep going. But if we are not learning and growing then our outcome remains just as unsatisfying. To reach our dreams, fulfill our potential, we have to reach higher. But if we are afraid or feel stuck, how do we achieve the abundance the we know at a deep level, that we are here to have?

We have to heal those parts of ourselves that are holding back the blessings, abundance and positive aspects to our life. And in many instances we do not have all the information as to what has been damaged in us or what damage has been done to us. In the early part of our lives create traumas in this lifetime. And, also other aspects of our traumas can be very hard to identify, especially as some come in with us to this lifetime from past-lives and other dimensions.

We receive the people and situations in our lives from level of the energy that we put out. The only way to receive what we came in this life to receive and experience is to heal those parts of ourselves that is keeping us resonating in lower frequencies; raising our vibrational frequency is what draws to us to the blessings and abundance that we are here to have.

These are the top traumas and dramas that keep us held back:

  1. Unworthiness-the feeling like we do not deserve to be happy, achieve or be loved keeps us from drawing to us the people and situations that would bring ultimate fulfillment.

  2. Unforgiveable Acts-feeling so bad about ourselves because we have done something that would be deemed the ultimate betrayal by others.

  3. Being Attacked-never having the ability to feel safe; thereby creating a safe environment for ourselves. Not being able to be vulnerable, always being on the defensive in relationships and situations.

  4. Ostracized-having the fear that we will be shunned or kicked out of the safe and stable environment because we reveal who we are or what we want.

  5. Fear of Mortal Danger-the fear that we can die in every situation where we are asking for what we want.

  6. Complete Control-doing everything in our power to have what we need to be sustained without remorse for consequences.

  7. Lack of Vulnerability-not allowing ourselves to be seen by others for our gifts and talents.

Releasing these traumas and dramas through using compassion raises these lower vibrational frequencies to allow us to resonate with the blessings and abundance in all areas of our lives. Compassion is giving love to ourselves for whatever choice or decision we have made or circumstances that were out of our control that has negatively impacted us, causing our vibrational frequency to be lowered.

Using compassion for all that we have been through, linking into your higher self, partnering with our guides, ascended masters, and angels embracing healing on all levels. Call in the compassion. Find forgiveness. Get into gratitude. These are the keys to raising these lower frequencies. Allowing in our life's purpose, mission, and happiness.

If you need a partner in your healing, use the "Click Me" button for more information for my healing modality. Integrated Energy Therapy® as a Master-Instructor Teacher we "focus(es) on optimizing your 12 Strand DNA, which can further enhance your wellness at all levels and increases spiritual synchronicities that open the doorways to your destiny."

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