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6 Ways to Survive this Sagittarius Full Moon

Crushing weight sitting on the center of your chest. Feeling like you can't breathe. A very physical sensation is being felt, but the catalyst for this feeling is not an emotion per se. The catalyst is the energies from the push and pull of the moon. Every fourteen days we experience a full moon. Every fourteen days we are able to release what we are ready to let go of. However, some full moon's knock us on our ass. Here we are!

It is time to dust ourselves off and reflect on what these energies brought us. Because this was a doozy. (other aspects and alignments helped too!) Sagittarius can be considered the rebel of the zodiac. What we expect will no longer hold weight after this energy has moved through.

It brought us the need to be self-aware. Reflect on what was coming up or out during these seven days of this energy (three before, the day, and three after). This can be challenging if we like to stuff our feelings or ignore what is uncomfortable in our experience. Sitting with our choices and decisions can be scary if you don't allow ourselves to look to closely as to why we do the things that we do. Living on autopilot or making the same choices expecting different decisions because our hurts and disappointments are to present.

Sitting in Presence (Source, God, Goddess, The Universe, Pachamama) can help us to bring our awareness of where there are opportunities in our lives to forgive, make changes or change directions all together. But, we cannot hear the guidance if our system is not able to get quiet. When we distract ourselves from the hurts, disappointments, and pain of life: past, present and future, we do not allow ourselves to heal.

Only through healing the old wounds can we move forward. We are here to have a happy, joyful experience; however, most of us hold on to the traumas and dramas of the past instead of transforming those emotions back in to positive love and compassion, where we then can draw more of that to us.

  • SIP Sit in Presence

  • Gratitude

  • Forgiveness

  • Present Moment Practice

  • Meditation

  • Self-Awareness/Reflection

This energy is going to move us in some way. Bring us a new perspective. Dump us out of an idea/relationship/situation that you have been holding on to for a long time. It is time to embrace the change. Click the button above for more information and join me on our journey of ascending into the joyful experience that we came here to have. Blessings, M xo

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Thank you Melissa! Enjoyed the read…this full moon was a dooooooozy! ⭐️🦋💜

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