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Twin Flame: 2 Outcomes of the Empath/Narc Connection

The feeling of this connection is all consuming, visceral, and instinctual. We know this person/energy on an instinctive level. It is the reason to breathe, the reason to be, and the reason to exist in the here and now. Your being will call to theirs, and theirs to yours. You would agree to and act in ways that challenge your own moral or personal code for this person. Your whole focus will be consumed with them. If you are questioning, then you are in a soul mate dynamic. There is no question about whether this is a twin flame connection or not; it just is. This connection will be on another level energetically and cannot be denied.

Twin flame connection is that part of us that is a mirror. This connection is about seeing ourselves truly with no misperception, rose colored glasses on, or misrepresentation. This is connection having someone who shows us our imperfections, biases, patterns, and conditioning/programming in a raw and unfiltered way because they are living them also. They are operating out of the same traumas and dramas that were gained differently, but the effect is the same. Seeing the same traumas and dramas in another will help you to work through and understand your own issues better and more clearer than ever before and in a way that allows you to give yourself grace in the face of where you need to change/heal.

We cannot miss our own flaws, thought patterns, or programming because the person in front of us is the embodiment of those things. Yes, it will feel unlike any other connection that we have ever been a part of; however, it will also have us closely examining ourselves because of it. This connection will be on all levels. This will be a physically passionate union. This will be a mentally stimulating experience. This will be an emotional connection that will feel familiar on some level. And, energetically we feel as if we are arriving home.

Because of all the levels of connection being so strong, it can feel intoxicating, overwhelmingly, and scary on many levels. But never in a way that we want to sever it. This is where we struggle with these relationships, especially when it is in the empath/narcissist connection in this lifetime at this time, whether you are currently in connection or healing from it.

This is why this connection type in an empath/narcissist relationship will test you, your fortitude, and your faith. This connection type will take longer to evolve out of, heal from, and regain any semblance of balance in your life. Disconnecting, whether your choice or not, will be the hardest thing to overcome. Because you cannot completely disconnect. You will be able to in the physical world; however, energetically you will still be able to feel them as they will with you. You maintain a connection on the astral plane.

You will feel each other, visit each other, and maintain a connection. You cannot sever this connection as it is a soul extension of self.

The ability to heal from this relationship is possible. We are here to heal these connections. Some are karmic: our own or family. Some are generational patterns. Some are about the partner, but whatever the reason doing the work will take great effort, support, and commitment on your part. This may be the single hardest experience that you will have in this lifetime.

The acceptance of this being an empath/narcissist relationship through the twin flame connection will allow you to understand and heal at a greater level. Also, having the energetic connection through the astral realm will allow you to maintain connection in a way that is in the purest form of love that is the vibrational frequency of the universe. Love cannot be destroyed and can be shared through this connection even though the relationship is not sustainable in the physical realm.

This will test you. Faith and connection to your higher self will be your saving grace. For some, this will be the trauma that will break you open to your connection to your intuition or gut instinct, your clairvoyance, clairaudience, and/or claircognizance, so much so that you are able to begin to trust and act on the information…some would call this a spiritual awakening and for others it will be taking the next step in your evolution process.

For others, it will be the ultimate process of self-awareness that allows you to fulfill your desires, dreams, and goals in this lifetime. Helping you to shed the mantle of victim and become empowered. And this empowerment will offer you the strength from Source to tackle whatever your heart desires in a way that will be big and bold, needed and embraced, and purposeful.

If you resonate with this experience, then it will be important to seek support in whatever form that resonates with you. Discernment will help you navigate what works for you in the healing process, what resonates with you, and where you feel valued; go there. Please do not stay where you are not respected, honored, or authentically loved. Blessings, Mxo


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