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Soul Mate Connection Through the Lens of the Empath/Narc Relationship

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Finding someone special, connecting on another level, and believing in love. This is what a soul mate connection feels like. And we all crave the connection that can bring these feelings. For some of us, we are afraid to love that big. For others, this can be the driving force in our life. We want connection. We are here to have connection at the soul level, to propagate our species, and to grow one another: mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically/spiritually. As an empath this can get overwhelming at times. You are able to feel connection through energy. Our role has to be to check in with ourselves and discern if this is a balanced connection or not.

This term soul mate has been bandied about for a long time with the misperception that it would be the connection to end all other connections; that you had found your person and could stop looking. You feel comfortable and familiar with them right off the bat because their energetic signature is recognized from one soul to another. We were done. In actuality, this connection is all about soul growth and clearing karma and soul contracts that no longer serve us. A soul mate in effect is about growing together or a part, but after clearing the karmic debt that you and this person acquired in other lifetimes. Therefore, these connections can be long-term after the healing, or for a season as you heal and recognize you are different or want different things in this life at this time.

So, in an Empath/Narc Relationship, this connection can be to clear the karma of one or both of the souls in the connection. One way is for the empath to become empowered. And, another way is for the narcissist to experience someone who will embody nurturing and authentic emotional connection. Because a narcissist is so emotionally disconnected being in union with an empath allows them to be pulled up in vibrational frequency by the empath’s higher vibrational frequency, however this also causes the empath’s frequency to be pulled down or lowered, negatively impacting him/her in the union. It is important that the empath does not allow this energetic connection to put them in a negative deficit energetically as it will impact all other aspects of their life.

The deficits can be felt by not having emotional fortitude to handle emotional upheaval or in some cases the emotional abuse by the narcissist, by not having mental capacity to handle large tasks, outside influences, or work, and by not being able to make maintain financial stability due to the stress of the relationship. Also, in some/most cases abuse occurs verbally, emotionally, sexually, physically, and/or financially. Which will trap the empath until they find a way to disconnect.

Many or most Empath/Narc relationship connections can be classified as the soul mate connection. It is the most transformational connection for an empath. It will bring strip you bare in that you will have to examine your own traumas, patterns, and frequencies to be able to understand where you are and how to heal. And this is the point of this connection. You are ready to ascend vibrationally, be broken open to your sovereignty and connection to Source, Higher-self, Divinity, God, God-consciousness…however you want to name it.

This relationship connection can be a pattern for some until they realize that they are in this dynamic. It may take time to recognize the dynamic as the “mask” takes time to come off of the narcissist and the empath may not realize it for some time. It is this time that the narcissist is taking advantage of the empath for their gain and the subtle manipulation, abusive tendencies, and control begin to encroach on the relationship. And these will only gain momentum as long as we are in the connection.

It is time for you to live authentically at this time in your life. Being able to tap into your Higher-self allows your to live in alignment, and out of the programming that has you people pleasing and needing to fix everyone and situation around you. You are now able to step into your passions, purpose, mission, and live your best life. Healing is the most important part.

Empaths will have to establish boundaries with the narcissist to regain control of themselves in this relationship dynamic. In most cases, they will need a support system to help them regain their power over themselves. Seeking help through medical, licensed professionals were needed is encouraged; as well as energy work to help balance them from the energetic attack that they have been under for as long as the connection lasted. A multi-pronged approach to healing will facilitate the healing process and the time needed to regain their power, independence, autonomy, self-worth, and ability to feel whole—and in some cases free.

To help us do this we need will be to understand two things. Really understand these two concepts to help us move on and do the healing that will be needed. Number one, the narcissist does not feel remorse for what they have done to the empath. Their goal is always to keep themselves safe. I never want to demonize these people; however, they are broken at a level that we cannot understand, which is why we could never really help them. (See medical journals that have been written on this subject)

And number two, the only way to heal is to completely disconnect from them. They crave attention: positive or negative, which is why we cannot ease out…completely disconnecting allows us to save ourselves because they will always save themselves first and foremost. If we give them an inch, they will take a mile. They will always demand, expect, and control more. Disconnecting completely is the only way we are able to take back our power, re-establish our life, and have financial stability.

You can break the cycle. If you are reading this chances are that you are in the midst of, have, or are healing from this relationship dynamic. Keep going. Begin. Begin again. Seek help. Get support. Leave. Disconnect. Take back your power. Blessings, M xo

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Unknown member
Dec 23, 2022

Great blog!

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