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3 Ways to Develop the Third Eye Connection

Love is the frequency of the Universe. We resonate at a frequency that is tied to our emotions, thoughts, physical and energetic wellbeing. So, what does this mean in our everyday lives?

As infants we come onto this planet from Source. We are like sponges soaking up the programming that will inform most of our lives. Therefore, anything we are exposed to is programming us from the moment we are alive.

This is the good, bad, and the ugly. Our parents, siblings, families, and environment inform how we perceive the world around us. If we grow up in a nurturing family unit, then we learn how to be loving and nurturing to others. Conversely, if we grow up abused and traumatized, then we learn how to hurt and traumatize others. And, these are the frequencies that we resonate at, so we will draw more of that, what we resonate with, to us.

Also, if we are not able to give and receive love, then we are not able to manifest or experience of love on any plane. We are essentially flying blind because we have shut down extra-senses. We are unable to tap into our clairvoyance, third-eye, to be able to tap into “seeing” of and from the other dimensions: soul (higher-self), angels, cosmic cousins, and more.

We are also prevented from experiencing life as a full experience because we are not able to give and receive help, support, or connection from anyone (on Earth or other worldly). We are here to have a full human experience, as well as remember our connection to our Divinity or Source.

Many of us experience a blockage early in life, or bring it with us from other lifetimes, and sometimes it is a pattern from previous lifetimes, or of generations of our family line. These patterns can be very dense blockages that take much work and awareness to heal or wipe clean from the lens of our souls.

This shadow work, or negative aspect(s) must be cleared to move into higher frequencies, where our connection to Source is. How we receive connection to know, see, feel, and hear Source and the Cosmos is what we are being called to ascend into through raising our vibrational frequency(ies) to at this time.

Shadow work, getting closer to Source, is hard work. Removing blockages takes time. Releasing anger, trauma, resentment, betrayal, abandonment, powerlessness, unworthiness, and any negative emotion that hurts you and holds you back requires effort, commitment, and help.

Your guides, angels, ascended masters, who are from Source are always available to help you. As human beings, we have free will and so, we must set intentions or ask for help before intervening can occur.

1. Recognizing where you hold blockages. Becoming aware of your negative thoughts and emotional patterns.

2. Releasing or forgiving those people, situations and relationships that do not serve your life at this time.

3. Reconnection with the Source within. Finding trust and faith in All That Is: God, Goddess, Universe, or any other name you assign.

This is the work I am committed to helping myself and you with. More information can be found at to begin or take another step on your journey of evolution, happiness, and purpose fulfillment. Blessings, M xo

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Unknown member
Mar 27, 2023

Great post!

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