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Leo Full Moon: Burning Away the Mask

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Leo energy is fire energy and this big energy always brings big transformation. This energy will reveal how situations, choices, and relationships will need to be transformed. It will be up to you to decide for yourself whether you make the changes that are being brought to you.

These changes will feel uncomfortable. You will be shown true colors and energy signatures that will shock you. What you thought will be illuminated to the truth. Are you ready? You will be brought to crossroads that will make you have to choose the way. Choices to leave toxic situations and people not living from their heart space. This will be emotional as you are seeing through new eyes what is in front of you. You are being given new "eyes" in which to see through the facades, the lies, the manipulations that have kept you small.

This energy upgrade does not allow you to not "see" what the truth is. How you have been lied to, manipulated and disrespected...disempowered. It is time to step back into your power. It is time to love yourself so much that you cannot allow negative behavior that has been the normal energy in the situation/relationship since its inception.

You are being brought to find your power, heal your heart and live your purpose unlike ever before. The illusions are being revealed so that all can be seen, heard, healed and conquered as it is needed to match the new vibrational frequency on the planet. Your life will start to reflect this new energy by moving you into positions and relationships that will allow you to stand in your power, live your dreams and be happy, joyful and passionate in all things.

Healing the trauma will take time, but it will begin in some way with this full moon. This fire energy is burning down the house of cards that the fear has built in your life. Take the time you need to assimilate the energy and knowledge that it is bringing as it will be powerful. Use whatever tools for transformation that you have at this time and more will be revealed as the planetary alignments bring new energies, technologies, and growth to the planet.

The "shift" is happening. We are experiencing the differences in vibrational frequencies that are exposing what no longer serves us in our lives: toxicity, lying, cheating, disempowerment. We are being brought to love, joy, passion, creativity and appreciation in a way that unless we are feeling fulfilled we will not entertain it. Therefore, any deceivers and deceptions will no longer be tolerated. When it feels uncomfortable we will move away from it and this is what is being brought to us now...the beginning of this energy that is unmasking those who are deceivers and use deception as their way.

Surround yourself with like minded people.

Love yourself so much that you cannot allow that "old" way of being and doing.

Seek inward for all the answers or directions for your journey: every time.

Stand in your Divinity. Being connected to your creator for all things.

Blessings, M xo

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