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3 Steps to Survive This Eclipse Season

We are in the energy of transformation that is bringing out a more authentic version of ourselves. Aspects of our shadow or traumatized self are resurfacing even the ones that we feel we have done the most work on. As we go deeper the root is being exposed to bring you into alignment with your authenticity. You are being brought to your knees to get back up stronger.

This process is more than difficult to be in. It feels overwhelming and a lot like suffering. It really feels awful. Being birthed out of the version that was you in childhood and early adulthood, who was programmed to be what others expected or taught you to be: good, quiet, obedient, shamed, abused, etc. It is time to rise up and take back your power.

In this energy, these shadow aspects that are rising up may take you by surprise because you thought you had overcome, healed, or made great strides in not allowing them to affect you. These issues can be around your own mental thoughts around worthiness, past relationship issue resurfacing or coming to an end, or always giving your power back…. whatever it is for you…it is valid.

And, probably feeling like a smack in the face as you have felt like it was behind you and now it is back in front of you demanding to be dealt with yet again.

We are being brought these issues, traumas, and past situations back into the light because there is still something there to realize, refocus, or release. One more step that needs to be taken in this process of transformation. Only by taking this next step can you fully step into this next chapter, role, relationship, passion, or goal.

This is HARD stuff because we are being brought into the fully realized version of ourselves to begin or continue to focus on our passions, goals, and who we came here to become. Our growth and evolution is being propelled and supported by these eclipses, so there will be some way that you will feel pushed into changing, moving, or developing into this next season of your journey.

· Recognize what is coming up.

· Reflect on where you started, where you have been, and where you are currently that is being transformed.

· Release any expectations about the healing process.

o Take time to rest.

o Take time to journal, talk it out, and/or get help.

o Take time to heal. (whatever that looks like for you)

Remember this is a process with no destination just another leg on the journey. Being kind and compassionate to yourself is a HUGE key. If you struggle with this concept don’t forget to treat yourself as you would someone else who is going through the same thing.

Energy healing will be very beneficial as you continue to transform your traumas and dramas into support, love, and compassion. You are supported, tapping into this support through prayer, meditation, and/or energy healing modalities. Click the link below to check out the services that may help you at this time.

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