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3 Steps to Getting Control

This last year was more of having to conform. We are not creatures that like to be told what to do. We want what we want when we want it. We are very spoiled as a society. Instant gratification has become the normal operating mode for most of us. And, this only leads to disappointment for most and at worst entitlement issues for some.

We all have situations with family, co-workers and partners that can feel overwhelming or not supportive. As humans, we want what we want and many times this is for someone else to step up for us. Be there for for us. Support us. Take care of...fix....One of the hardest realities or truths to believe is that you are your own savior. No one is coming. You have to take responsibility for your choices and decisions that got you here, and make a plan to save yourself.

Living in the "now" moment is the first step in getting in control of your life. Fear of survival is primal. And, when you are alone with yourself, the choices and decisions that have gotten you to whatever place you are in that is uncomfortable, is scary. By staying present, focusing on just what is in front of you and doing what needs to be done, keeps you moving your situation forward. When you are focused on the action steps, the fear subsides. It never really goes away, however it can be managed to lessen the impact that it has on decision making.

Practice not letting the thoughts keep you hostage to the fear by not thinking each and every thought that comes in. Start by becoming of the observer of what your thoughts are about. See your thoughts like a script in someone else's story. Or, see your thoughts like a movie that your are watching, but not participating in. Once you can detach from your thoughts they can no longer control you. You get to choose which ones to engage in and which ones to discard.

Which leads us to the second step, when there is no action step, step back. Keeping yourself perpetually striving and driving or distracting yourself is going to keep you in the fear momentum of making choices and decisions based in fear. Which ALWAYS leads you down the hard path. When we are making any choices and decisions from a place of urgency or distraction, we are blocking ourselves from the blessings.

Step back, relax, do something, I am not being fictitious or ludicrous. This is a hard concept because when you are on your last dime or your heart is so broken that you cannot function, doing something fun...well, just seem ridiculous...But, this is actually how you change the momentum. Using activities that bring you a sense of contentment, happiness or even joy will help you move through the energy that is keeping you in the lack. Even taking a nap will interrupt the momentum of the fear: thought, feeling or action to help you re-set yourself into finding a good feeling, thought or action.

And finally, you are never alone. By staying present, and stepping out of the fear (even for pockets of moments) can allow the connection that is always present to be known. Some call it intuition, some call it gut instinct, or inspiration...but, I call it Spirit. By quieting your mind through being present and stepping back, your support system that is always with you can help bring you to the opportunities, people and situations that are going to give to you. I call them your team of guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. You can call them whatever you are comfortable with, but that little voice in the back of your mind always encouraging, loving and inspiring your is Spirit. If you haven't heard this, felt this or been shown this, then it is time to get quiet and believe that there is more than just the tangible.

If you are ready to be in connection, to take control back, to have what you want, to be happy...and you need support, please check out or for classes:

Blessings, M xo

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