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Revelations: 11:11 Portal Energy

You are being brought to insights that may feel surprising or if nothing else, unexpected. This energy is shifting you out of and away from situations and relationships that are not part of your path in alignment with your purpose.

What is your purpose? Honesty, it is what you want it to be. Some can be pre-ordained or chosen. Some can be re-invented. Course corrections are allowed at any stage of your life. Whatever or however you are in alignment with love is truly the answer. Living in grace and compassion to everyone and everything around you. If you are doing that, then you will have the love and money that you seek. Because it will be manifested, no seeking will be necessary.

Revelations are happening to you. Remembrances are happening to you. What is coming to you is actually coming back to you. These ideas, feelings, thoughts, and emotions are all a part of the shift in your life that is leading you down the path of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-actualization.

Yes, it feels uncomfortable because you have been operating out of an old program of expectation: self, family, and/or societal. Now, you are being given the keys to unlock that old, outdated system. These keys are opening you up to passion, authenticity, creativity, nurturing, love, light, expression, and the ability to tap into your Divine-Feminine and embrace the balance or shift that this creates in your life.

You are being brought into balance. Embrace it. Get comfortable with the harmony that this brings to your life. Recognize that anything that was taken away, fell away, or left your life was not in balance and brought you down into a deficit of energy, negatively impacting your life, situations, and relationships.

Now, you are in balance and harmony that will allow the blessings to flow in. Do not block them by believing that you do not deserve, or it is too good to be true for it is your time to receive. You have put in your dues. Believe that!

If you are struggling with feeling like things are turning around, you deserve love, or you are ready to step into your connection with your Higher-self or Spirit...Click Me and join me! Blessings, Mxo

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Unknown member
Nov 10, 2022

Great 11:11 Portal energy message!

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