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3 Steps to Starting the Process vol. 1

Shut the front door! I did it. I invested in a template and I am building my downloadable course. I wanted to do this since the inception of my on-line business. However, back then I had only a rough idea of what it would be. And, I was terrified to put myself out there in that way. I did not feel like any expert on anything. I had a teaching background. I had lots of ideas. But, I had no idea on how to mesh the two.

And, did I mention I was terrified! Oh yes, I was. I felt small. I was afraid of criticism and judgement. I was afraid of ...honestly, all of it. I had not been successful at anything sustainable. I had so many rugs pulled out from under me. I had failed on more than one occasion trying something new. All my ideas had not worked up to this point.

My other stumbling block was I had no idea how. I did not know what platform. I did not know what software. I did not know the nuts and bolts of what I needed to create it. This is part of the why Diving Timing is the right time. Now, five years later I am ready. I have learned. I have invested. I have created the environment where I am able to create this body of work and I feel ready to share it.

I am excited and terrified, but also secure in the feeling and knowledge that it is time. So, I have begun!

I am like a little kid at Christmas when I sit down and open my computer knowing that what I am working on is another step of this incredible journey I am on. Because I am doing what I love and it flows out of me.

So, here we are doing the thing.

  1. Carving out time

  2. Meditating to center and ground

  3. Working in chunks

I will be posting regularly to keep you up to date with the process: how it is going, frustrations, and challenges. Please send me a prayer of some positive energy as I embark on this "pushing me out of my comfort zone" task.

Blessings, M xo

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