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3 Steps to Reclaim Yourself from the Empath/Narcissist Connection

Devastation, destruction, humiliation, and feelings of being stripped at the core level of all emotions, and what you knew to be true about another human being. Your trust destroyed. Your trust and faith in another, but fundamentally your trust and faith in yourself, as to what you thought or knew to be true about people has been obliterated. This one relationship has brought you to your knees and in some cases stripped you bare of your own sanity.

You are sensitive to others’ emotions. You can feel the brokenness in another. When you meet that person that feels like another part or extension of you, how can that be wrong? I have spoken with over 10k men and women, who have been gutted by a toxic relationship. Your vulnerability is used against you. You are seen as weak. This demoralization that occurs by another person to you through what you think is a loving relationship is dehumanizing. Until you have experienced it, you will not be able to comprehend the level of pain this causes. Because of your ability to connect on such a deep level emotionally, you are laid bare by how hurtful the systematic manipulation of your emotions are.

The connection is so strong because your narcissist is completely shut down emotionally. However, they know the absolute right things to say and do to connect with you…it is like a parasitic connection where they are feeding off of your positive, loving energy that they have no way of generating themselves. You, in your authenticity, trust and believe what they say and do…how could you not? They come across as so desperate to be seen and heard and above all else loved because of some perceived “wronged” they have felt or been dealt by another. They are looking for you to heal. **Red Flag on the play. Only they can heal themselves. And, most importantly, they won’t. They have learned how to manage people to get what they want without having to work for it, change, grow or evolve. They are operating from a very shut down or immature emotional place.

And, they have no remorse for the devastation and destruction that they cause in you: your emotions, your finances, your life…they have what they want. How they achieved it is of no consequence to them. This is the hardest part to understand from your place of empathy. Your high vibration of love. It is impossible to understand how they can manipulate, gaslight and demoralize another to achieve their goal of safety and stability. I call this a disorder.

And, I never want to de-humanize them as something did not occur to shut them down, however, we are all here to grow and learn; and they refuse to. They have become comfortable in their victimhood, apathy and in most cases substance abuse .

We must save ourselves. Love them from afar. Pray for them. But ultimately, we must walk away to save our lives: emotionally, physically, mentally, energetically, and financially. Only you can save yourself.

  • Walk away…I know easier said then done. Love yourself more. Be selfish in your own survival.

  • Get a support system: trusted friend, health professionals, or agency to find your way back to yourself.

Pray or connect with whoever you believe in: God, Angels, higher-self, Goddess, Universe, Oneness. Connecting with the Divine will help you heal that part of yourself that was damaged by the connection. And, ask for them to come in and take the pain that is too heavy to carry. They will. You are not alone.

Connect with me if you need more help healing, understanding or releasing this energy at Blessings, M xo

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