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10 Ways You Are NOT Ok: Emotional Survival Mode

Emotional survival has developed your clairsentience. You can read a room, person, and situations clearly. This has become how you interact with your life. Putting others needs before your own to stay safe. People-pleasing has developed in a way to keep you stable. Any time something felt off you kicked it into overdrive to “right” it.

Survival mode is operating out of fear of being hurt. It is born out of your instinct. Your ‘gut feeling' is your barometer. You rely on it to help you navigate people and situations safely.

1. You are always struggling to catch up. This is in all areas of your life: getting married, having the family, getting the promotion, and anything that is on your list or societal expectations, but not yet accomplished.

2. Not able to keep deadlines, make appointments on time, or get things done when needed for yourself.

3. Always in a state of panic: hyperaware, hypervigilant, and sympathetic nervous system spikes that feel normal.

4. Anticipating everyone else’s needs and fulfilling them.

5. Exhausted, depressed, sad as a continuous state or cycle.

6. Addiction: food, drugs, sex, money, etc.

7. Self-harm: thoughts and actions.

8. Feeling isolated and alone.

9. Robbing Peter to pay Paul: financially unstable.

10. Overindulgence: eating, relationships, spending, etc. Having any old thing to feel better, not having an expectation of respect or having self-respect.

An event, situation, person, or pattern put you in this frame of reference and way of living your life. Whatever it was, now you can work to heal these behaviors and learn to live authentically. Until you recognize a behavior, you cannot change it.

The trauma is deep. These behaviors were not developed overnight. This is long standing patterns and behaviors that you can heal from, transform back into support, and meet the authentic version of yourself that you were or have never known. It is time to step into your power and have what you are here to have: happiness, dreams, love, and ease. You were not able to manifest any of this because, unfortunately, you were resonating in fear; and you were attracting more of that: situations, people, behaviors, and more fear.

Once you begin to change the energy around patterns, behaviors, and feelings, then you will be able to attract what it is you DO want. The happiness through grace and ease, not having to strive and drive for every small step taken. You can live your best life without killing yourself. By healing and raising your vibrational frequency, you will begin to draw to you the life you desire.

Change your thoughts, change your life. Change your emotions, change your relationships. Change your frequency, change everything!

*I am not a medical professional nor a legal advisor. These readings/messages do not take the place of medical or legal counsel. Any major decisions should be consulted by a professional.

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Unknown member
May 16, 2023

Great post!

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