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What is Distraction?

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

We live in the information age. We have ways to communicate that are mind boggling to this Gen X’er. The media, music and internet are all about distraction. And, it is everywhere…Social media platforms are everywhere and there is something for everyone…Gamers can not network and communicate in isolation. Cell phones are a must have, not the car phones only for the elite. We are all connected all the time.

We can so easily isolate ourselves from human-to-human interaction, keeping a screen between us. Conversely, we can use these tools to distract ourselves from what is going on inside ourselves. Where the true essence of who we are lives. We are here to transform, grow and evolve; but if we don’t get quiet, we can’t hear, feel, see, know, or sense what we need.

Distraction keeps us from going within and knowing what we need to evolve.

The evolution of our consciousness has already begun. But, for so many they have no idea what is going on because they choose to stay distracted. Distraction also comes in the form of drama: getting into others’ business or allowing others’ priorities to outweigh your own.

Trauma and drama shut us down on some level. For everyone this level is unique to them: emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, or energetically in some way. We allow the distraction, in whatever form we choose, to keep us in the illusion of safe, stable, capable, and productive.

  • Putting ourselves first.

  • Attending our own needs.

  • Setting boundaries.

  • Saying no.

  • Getting quiet.

  • Letting go of the distractions.

These are all ways that can terrify us as we try to heal. Starting, continuing, or picking back up a healing journey is hard. However, the rewards are out of this world.

We are able to connect to the Matrix. We find the gifts of intuition, higher self, the other realms, or dimensions that are available to us. Our own life purpose: why we came here for this life experience at this time to ascend. Ascension is the goal for all of us in whatever way that looks for you. This is where the real safety and stability lies. Trust the process. Surrender your control. Believe in the more. We are all connected. We will not fail. We have already won.

If you need help healing, overcoming and letting go of your traumas and dramas to be able to step into your empowered soul, contact me at or book at Blessings, M xo

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