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What Gratitude Got Me

Yesterday, I was driving along to go to a quiet spot and sit by the lake, my happy place. Driving to the location about twenty minutes from my home, I realized just one year ago I could not do this: financially, physically or emotionally.

I was creating a new business, I had no car, and I had just broken up with a boyfriend. Things were not great! And, they had not been for over seven years, which was why I had no financial stability. I was living in a temporary, over budgeted place and I had run out of family currency at least with my extended family. Thank goodness for my daughter and her boyfriend. I still do not have a vehicle of my own, but I do have use of their second car.

So, on this sunny day with the sunroof open, radio cranking and ice cream in the very near future, things were about as perfect as they could be. It stopped me in my tracks that I could be this content in this still uncertain future place in my life. What changed? Why was I so content and happy?

Seven years before this day, I was in an incredibly fulfilling relationship, I had a car I loved, and I had a full-time job that I was good at. In one month all of that changed! I lost my relationship and home very unexpectedly, I lost my job, and I had to sell my car for the financial crisis I found myself in. I became homeless in that I did not have my own home and my daughter went and temporarily moved in with her father.

On this day, I realized my internal switch that flipped from lack to gratitude helped me to resolve and thrive in a way that I was not able at anytime in my life before this shift. I am grateful for two, very different, relationships that were had in this time. I am grateful for my child be a successful young adult, starting her own happy family. I am grateful for the new people around who are supporting me spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to continue to provide these services of healing and connection to spirit.

I had let go of the lack mentality that had been helping me to create lack in my life and in turn keeping me broke, without a home and depressed. The Law of Correspondence is "as above, so below and as above, so below." I had been keeping my energy down in the lower vibrational frequencies of fear, powerlessness and unworthiness. There was no way I was ever going to achieve the stability that I craved in any area of my life with these traumas and dramas holding me down. I was my own worst enemy.

I had to go within. There was no external force, pill, job, relationship or situation that was ever going to "fix" me. I had to do the work: counseling, honesty of self, taking responsibility for my choices (warts and all), recognizing self-sabotaging patterns, and so much more.

The big game changer for me was understanding that my "traumas and dramas" were not going to be released through only my own efforts. My physical body was holding on to them as well. I needed help releasing the layers of years (early childhood to now)

of my traumas and dramas that were holding me back. For me, it was and is Integrated Energy Therapy®.

I am here to help you on your journey of letting go of what no longer serves you, what is holding you back, and overcoming the hurtle you did not know even existed. Email me at to discuss your desire for growth and expansion up the vibrational scale into empowered, worthiness, positive expectation, joy, and love. Or Book today!

Blessings, M xo

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