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We grew up in a culture of competition to achieve more and better than your neighbor. We were taught to do better than your parents. We were encouraged to learn more, make more, do more than the generation before you or the neighbor beside you. There was very little room for creating, being or listening. All the ways to connect with the more that was inside of you whispering, nudging and guiding you to what made you passionate, happy and whole. It is time.

Stepping into your Magnificence and connecting with your Divinity or Sovereignty is where we are headed in this time of stepping out of the 3D consciousness. The warlike conflicts and competitive energy is receding and through that we are finding new footing. For thousands of years, we have allowed division and descent rule how we interacted with each other. From monarchy and democracy, we have prescribed to what we were told to do by others. In this new energy, we are allowed to follow the prescriptions of our soul. We have all we need inside of us: love, compassion, and cooperation with all. Not just all people but all living things: the planet, animals and all life. Restoring the balance between economic systems, political systems, family systems, ecological systems, and all systems on this spaceship Earth; and ultimately how all this affects the Universe. As we are a small part of a much larger system.

What this system is entirely, we still do not understand all of it or the ramifications that our actions have on it. However, we can control our lives, how we treat others and the environment around us. Restoring our balance emotionally, physically, mentally, and ethereally, we can affect and change our own lives. One by one we affect all that is around us. By living as authentically and balanced as we can, then we can ripple that effect out to those around us that are feeling lost, unbalanced, and unhappy with their surroundings. We may feel that we cannot change anything significantly, but if we change ourselves and be the model of harmony, love, and contentment, then we can change our own environment; thereby affecting the whole.

Breaking down any overwhelming task to individual steps allows us to feel accomplishment that allows us to take the next step in that task and in effect accomplishing the seemingly impossible. All we can ever do is work to be better ourselves, and this example will be the model that others will emulate especially when you are winning, achieving, and gaining all that you want in your life experience, right now.

  1. Work on having balance: mentally, physically, emotionally, and ethereally

  2. Live in love, compassion and harmony

  3. Set boundaries with those who are not willing to make the changes

  4. Be creative, have joy and be passionate with where you spend your energy

  5. Give where and when you can: money, time and energy

This new energy will take time to embrace. For some it will be so uncomfortable. For others it will be a welcome relief. Staying in compassion with all of those around you, will help you to maintain your peace and balance through these changes. The new earth and new human is being created. Blessings, M xo

Taking time to just “be” brings the most clarity and connection from Source.

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