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April 24, 2021Edit How do you let go? You have held on to the idea that someone or something was to blame for your present situation. You were being held back. You were not getting what everyone else was receiving. You were not seen like everyone else. You were not given the accolades, recognition or love that others were so freely receiving. These feelings created resentment, anger and in some cases the desire for revenge. Keeping you from ever being, doing or having what you wanted.

When you have been held back for so long by those in your life who were supposed to support you, love you, and guide you, it is difficult to feel your worth. We all come into life for the sheer joy of being here with our loved ones to learn and grow; however, this is not the case when who we are surrounded in the beginning with childhoods where our care givers are damaged, selfish, unaware, narcissistic or complacent in any way to our needs being met: socially, emotionally, mentally and/or physically.

It would be very easy to lay blame at their feet for all of our decisions and choices that lead to some kind of down fall in our own lives. This can take years, decades and in some cases a lifetime. Letting go of patterns that we develop because of what we are taught or modeled, is very difficult. For some of us it is the “thing” that is holding us back. Subsequently, society has played a role in our ability to take responsibility for ourselves with having expectations of what you should have, accomplish and be as a “normal standard.” These ideals have propelled us into areas, jobs, relationships that we would not have overwise entertained if we had been allowed to pursue our own path. The pursuit of dreams and goals that were seen as “different,” risky, or not in-line with the expectations was then ridiculed and unsupported.

Letting go of these feelings that were created because of the expectations: familial or societal, can be very scary. When you have held on to blame, shame, anger, resentment or any negative feeling for decades, it becomes the resonance frequency that you are drawing to you. This frequency dictates your experience. Those situations, people, relationships that share the same feeling become your “normal” and to break away from that resonance can create panic in you because your ego wants to keep you safe, creates the feeling of fear when you try to change your experience and move away from this frequency into a higher one through forgiveness and/or gratitude.

Love is the highest frequency. Living in Love will bring you closest to God, manifestation, and living your purpose.Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transformed. So, releasing is not just letting go. You have to do something with the emotion, situation or relationship to be free of the negative connotation. And, this will allow you to no longer be triggered to react to these old hurts and traumas.

Disconnecting from the “egoic” mind, dropping into your heart and connecting with your inspiration: spirit inspired action are the ways to release the past and move up the frequency scale. Bringing you into alignment with your “why.” We are all striving for our own version of happiness, but it can never be found outside of ourselves. Releasing our traumas and our dramas will provide the space for the inspiration to be received. This brings us to live from our heart-centered space where through love and compassion for ourselves, everyone around us and situations that need our input, so we can feel the relief from the past traumas and dramas that have held us back. Practices for raising your vibrational frequency.

  • Staying present. Using your breath to stop the hamster wheel of thoughts: box breathing or Kundalini breathing.

  • Getting into Gratitude for what you do have.

  • Forgiving yourself and others for decisions and actions that were made at that time.

  • Giving yourself permission to have Joy in your life: rest, relaxation, creativity, fun.

For some getting help through therapeutic care, counseling or energy work will be beneficial. Do the work, get the help and know that you are not alone whatever is in your traumas and dramas. It is time to ascend, be buoyant, happy, grounded, safe and living your best life in alignment for what is for you in this life experience at this time. Blessings, M xo ~check out my services tab for help through connection or healing

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