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How to Step into the Light

February 12, 2017Leave a comment I sit here with a knot in my stomach. I am trying to start this Spiritual based business, and all I can think is, “who am I?” But when you are called, and trust me it is more of a scream that is happening in all parts of my life that can NOT be ignored anymore, you must answer the call. Moving on. Putting the past in the past and living in the present moment at all times, receiving guidance in every moment will help you to realize your life purpose. If you are struggling to find meaning in your life…focus on giving…giving wherever you can. It does not have to monumental, the smallest gestures can make a profound difference in someone’s life. Sometimes we don’t even know the impact we have on someone and their situation–so giving how and when and where you can is very important.

We all give what we can in every situation in our lives. And by giving through our gifts and talents we are spreading God’s light. By not giving of ourselves is withholding the gifts that we have been given and could be seen as blasphemous. We are each unique and bring that individualism to the table of humankind, so withholding it can be seen as selfish. And, it is only our vulnerability and lack of confidence that keeps us back. We need to find the spirit and strength to step out of our comfort zone so that we are able to share and fulfill our purposes because we have many…even though most of us struggle to find one. It can be very hard to move past the expected and feel as if we are letting others down especially our loved ones or people whom we respect. Faith and prayer will give you the strength and courage from the divine to move you past the human “egoic” experience and find your divine magic to help spread God’s message that will come through you–whatever it is: kindness, talent, gift, etc.

We have agreed to come here to help in some way, but that help to be given will not be an easy task. It will require real effort on our part and stepping past limitations that can hold you back. I am feeling this keenly as I sit here and share this with all of you. “Putting yourself out there” is HARD. Please pray for me as I evolve.

Stay present.

Meditate daily.

Be grateful for what is going well.

Quiet the criticism and judgement.

Do it anyway!

Love and Light to you all!

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