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Divine Counterpart: Not Your Prince Charming and Happily Ever After

We are all looking for love. We are all brought up on the fairytale romance and the idea of prince charming…Disney made an empire off of this concept. Harlequin Romance novels were all the rage when I was a teen. My aunt tried keeping them away from us. Commercials, movies, whole ad campaigns designed around that all desired, ever elusive perfect romance.

In college, I did an essay on courtly love. Love so powerful it is never consummated. A look, a gesture used to convey the idea of the forbidden fruit. And, now in this new paradigm shift, consciousness field or Divine Matrix, we are able to feel, sense, know and hear the energetic connection to our Divine Counterpart whether we are in union, incarnated or in separation: 3d or 5d.

As lightworkers, Star Seeds or Indigo Children, however you identify, we know that we are connected to more, another, not whole as we are in this human avatar. We seek that connection because we know that it exists and will bring a wholeness, a completeness that we do not have and cannot manage on our own. A feeling unlike anything that can be described…oneness that brings confidence, strength, wholeness where there is only uncertainty and a vague feeling of incompleteness.

This separation is only temporary. But temporary in the vastness of our Soul evolution through lifetimes, incarnations, and the limitlessness of our multi-dimensional selves. So, for many the seeking becomes all-consuming. For others, the glimpse of having it here on Earth in this life experience causes the holding on to an illusion or negative experience above all else. The loneliness, isolation, and idea of not having a connection keeps them in connections that are in reality an experience to grow through for the Soul evolution that they are here for.

One of the reasons that we are here going through this separation is the growth that it gives us. There are many reasons and growth opportunities: letting to of resentment, releasing betrayal, shedding the people pleasing persona, not making life decisions out of the threat of a harmful consequence, and any other fear-based emotion that dictates your vibrational frequency keeping you playing small. We are here to become Empowered. Living our authenticity. Sharing our gifts and talents. Raising the vibrational frequency for all.

If we can accept this role on this Earth plane at this time, to grow and evolve as we are here to do, we can release the traumas and dramas that have kept us from reaching the ability to have the connection to self and draw in the connections to soul-partners that will be beneficial. This is the goal.

We are here to have connections and relationships; but not the negative, self-inflicting ego driven connections that are not supportive and toxic in many cases; bringing us the hardest, most destructive ones to push us to move into evolution at the Soul level from victimization and unworthiness to empowered and love that is equal, supportive, and healthy.

Ø Recognize our own people-pleasing patterns

Ø Release the need to be loved by others by loving ourselves

Ø Recognize our Divinity and connection to Oneness or Source-God Consciousness

Ø Become empowered to be whole, secure, and stable within yourself before manifesting a partner

These are not easy lessons. This takes time to work through. Be gentle with yourself through the process of healing from these relationships that were designed to break you down in order for your growth. Healing, therapy, counseling, Reiki, IET® or any emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual, and physical support that you need while you are going through it will be beneficial to support your evolution.

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