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Aries Full Moon Brings Change: 6 Steps to Help

We are all in transition all the time. As humans, all we can bank on is that change is coming….all the time. I, myself, have bucked this concept most of my adult life. Futilely, I might add. This season is a season of change…the year of 2021 had many planetary alignments that brought change, Mercury Rx, and Saturn returning direct…all of this has upended all of us in some way: personally, professionally, and financially.

Learning to roll with the punches has helped my navigate change ever since I made peace with the fact that it is the norm more that it is the exception. In the spiritual community, we call it surrender. Surrendering your will to the will of God, the Universe, your higher self…however you want to explain it. But, making this shift of consciousness to surrendering will allow God (insert your own belief here) to bring you what is for your purpose and own good, each and every time.

However, it is a hard concept to master. Because we are human, and we have free will choice. Free-will that will get us in trouble each and every time, which is why I no longer buck the change and go with the flow. Do I get frustrated? Sure. Do I want things sooner? Of course. Do I want evidence? Yes. Again, I have to give all of those wants over to God (insert here) because I cannot see the whole picture. I can only see one small piece.

God (insert here) has the blueprint. I have come to trust him with my road. Learning to trust comes with needing a set of skills that I had to acquire. The skill of becoming consciously aware. Not being unconscious. Not letting my mind and self-sabotaging thoughts control the choices and decisions that I make. Staying present and doing what I can in each moment and letting the rest take care of itself until a time that I am able to affect a situation. Finding joy between the choices and decision will positively impact said choices and decisions.

Steps to live consciously:

· Be present

· Find joy

· Growth: heal the traumas and dramas

· Prayer: gratitude and appreciation

· Meditate

· Be of Service

We all have been through and are going through it! Be kind. Blessings, M xo

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