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Absolutely Everything is an Illusion.

The human perception sees everything as a threat: fight or flight. The trauma responses are about keeping us safe. We have a hard time believing all is well because to let our guard down is to get hurt, killed, eaten…these biological responses are from hundreds of thousands of years of conditioning. We are just now breaking this conditioning and realizing that there is more.

Those of us who are breaking this conditioning are able then to reach the higher states of consciousness. Finding and being able to be in connection with our higher selves. Allowing the love to shine through. Compassion to be our compass. And cooperation to be the verb that replaces competition. We no longer need to compete for survival. We can now come together to support each other. Love each other. Become one.

For many of us, we have come into this life and experienced great traumas and dramas. We were given situations that had to be overcome before we could step into our purpose. Leaving the hurts and pain…healing from the abuses and neglects, has been take you to your knees challenging. Because to step into your light, you have to first release all the blame, victimization, unworthiness, disempowerment that was learned to keep you safe in those devastating circumstances and situations. The circumstances and situations that perpetuated the fight and flight response at a core level of survival. Rooting out these fears will take time and going within.

We cannot find the strength, answers and help outside of ourselves. We must go within. Believing, receiving, and achieving a new level of love: for ourselves and others. Utilizing forgiveness and gratitude in all ways and situations to release us from the fear. Letting go of the fight and flight response, evolving out of the old story of survival and into the new paradigm of co-creation.

Shedding that perception, fear and response level is hard. We have to recognize that the illusion is that it is needed. You know longer need that level of protection. We are no longer in those situations and circumstances: individually or collectively. We can now live our truth without the fear of annihilation. However, we may need to walk away from abusers, abusive situations and any form of negativity that is keeping us in the fight of flight mode: that place of where and how we are making choices and decisions.

Finding our power is where some of us are and hopefully all will follow. We are realizing and recognizing the misperception that we need to keep the fear response to stay safe. We have evolved beyond this state. We are now able to step into being empowered to be sovereign in our choices and decisions. Standing up for what we believe in, what makes us happy, and where our passion lies is now the new paradigm. And, allowing others to do and be the same or different: sovereign over themselves without taking away or diminishing ourselves or anyone else. It is a magnificent place to be as a person and where we are going as a species.

Evolution. We are “seeing” that the fear is no longer our truth. We are dispelling the old story of “play it safe.” It is safe to shine. It is safe to follow the dreams. It is safe to be seen and heard in a way that we have never done before. The shadows are being illuminated. In our own lives, the lies and deceits are being exposed to be healed. We are here to shine. Be of love. Share. Cooperate. Co-create.

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