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  • 2 hours
  • 31 Loop rd

Service Description

Healing with the Angels has changed my life! Healing my relationships, bringing me to my purpose, and allowing me to have happiness in a way that I didn’t even know existed. Part of my purpose is to help you, the lightworker, to live your purpose. Release the negative attachments. Set boundaries. Manage and protect your energy. Connect to your higher-self. 💫Rapidly Grow into YOU 💫Gain Insights to Harmful Patterns 💫Release Painful Limitations 💫Deserve Goals and Dreams 💫Transform Your Life 💫Open to Spirit 💫Receive Clarity Are you ready to dive deep, spend the next 6 months with me and release the shadow that is blocking your blessings? Your authentic self? Plus your unique intentions 🌿You are ready to release the negative energy, entities, 🌿past-life blocks, 🌿energy vampires and generational trauma, 🌿heal your etheric body, and 🌿allowing you to feel lighter and receive your blessings and to live your purpose. ✔️It is time to disconnect from the darkworker who has attached to you. ✔️It is time to release living in survival mode. ✔️It is time to receive your purpose. ✔️It is time feel lighter. ✔️It is time to manifest your most compatible soul mate. ✔️It is time to work your dream job. ✔️It is time to be your healthiest version of yourself physically. ✔️It is time to activate your manifesting ability for anything you desire. 9 sessions in a 6 month period….a session every 2-3 weeks! Session length 1-1.5 hours incorporating what Spirit needs you to know for where you are on your journey in addition to the healing session: IET, Reiki, and your innate healing. Since my sessions and moving through the integration process I have felt empowered; more inner strength, confidence, worthiness, knowing, etc.. I know I have more layers to heal but my spirit feels lighter. I trust that I can take the leap and FLY! IET is worth the investment! ~Jacqueline Kim Newfoundland Canada I’ve had a few IET sessions and my life has begun to change phenomenally! The angelic energy is not only transforming from within but my environment is also dramatically shifting into a new reality. My body is experiencing healing and my energy field is becoming more vibrant and protective. TM—(Guam)

Cancellation Policy

***PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY APPOINTMENTS MADE CAN BE RESCHEDULED BUT NOT CANCELLED AND REFUNDED. THANK YOU. **No more than two reschedules of same appointment booking, after second rescheduled missed session, it defaults to cancelled with NO refund.

Contact Details

  • Crystal Clear Health & Wellness LLC, Loop Road, Auburn, NY, USA


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