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Living in Love: Realizing Your Divinity

This is the foundational practices that answer the question: how do you do it? Whether that is giving an EM reading or an IET in alignment manifesting my most desired life. This is the information, practices, and steps that I have taken and I am offering to you this month discounted as my gift to you! M xo


This course is years in the making combining my in-person and virtual learning here for you to take and access at your own speed. It is time to live authentically. We are here to be happy, living, loving and manifesting our desires. Learn to receive the guidance and healing that will allow you to have what you are here to have in this life experience. 


This is a printable and downloadable course is for you to keep, use, and come back to as you raise your vibrational frequency throughout your journey! 


  • Universal Laws and how to use them to acheive your goals
  • Spirit Guides and who they are 
  • Spirit Senses: what they are and how to develop them!
  • Evidential Medium sessions and how to give them
  • Card Readings: oracle vs Tarot and how to give them
  • and More! 


Living in Love Course

$97.00 Regular Price
$47.00Sale Price
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