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What is a Master Generator Manifester?

I heard this title just the other day and it intrigued me, especially when it was described as someone who changed, moved and was unsettled A LOT in their lives. Hello! Yes, please. I have moved so many times: homes, jobs, name it I have moved in, out or through it at one time. Just a month ago my daughter counted the number of times that we moved in her childhood alone: 17. Yes, I apologized.

Was this some great plan? Was this part of my soul contract? Did I manifest these challenges? On more than one occasion, I did feel dumped out of places, relationships, and careers. I was no picnic for a father who only wanted safety and stability for his daughter, and that was the last thing she seemed to be able to acquire.

So, this intrigued me. What is it? Where would I go for the answer? I went where all the answers my guides. I meditated and asked for clarity on what this is and how it has impacted me. And whoa! Sometimes receiving clarity and answers makes all the difference. I am not bad. I do not make bad decisions. I am a Master Generator Manifester. ~Whew~

This is the definition that I received. "Rapid growth and ascension in this life journey to help humanity in its time of need. Evolution on a grand scale for family lines and generations: patterns, systems out dated, and old patterns interrupted-not to be continued this life journey as ascension was to take place. Big leaps needed to be made in one lifetime. This lifetime as it was time-planetary alignments, energy moving systems for the shift of consciousness."

As I encountered people and situations, I was able to learn and evolve through the experience to be able to move on to the next experience. I was made uncomfortable once the growth was completed to move on to the next experience to gain the knowledge and experiences that was going to get me where I am now. Lord, if I had only known then...I felt like such a failure because I couldn't hold on to relationships: romantic or friendships, or careers...and some of that I would have dearly loved to have for decades; when I was only able to get a few months to a few years.

As a Master Generator Manifester, I was manifesting rapidly the situations for my growth as a spiritual being having a human experience. I have been able to forge my connection with my team of guides, angels and ascended Masters to be able to live in alignment. For me that is teaching and guiding others how to connect with spirit in whatever form that looks for them: using tools, mediumship, art, music, etc.

For the first time ever in my life, I feel grounded in my purpose and now when change comes...I had to move again this past year after a year and a half! I am able to role with it. I am in acceptance of the shifts and changes that my intuition brings me. I embrace these new roads...sometimes still with a little trepidation. I have been guided to create support for those who are ready to step into their own intuition, connection to spirit.

For the past five years, I have developed classes, given readings, and worked with the angels in energy healing to help those who are ready to raise their vibrational frequency and step into living in alignment. I have synthesized this information and included it in my first downloadable course for those who are ready to take the next step on their journey.

I, also have support in my Living in Love community at, where I can work with you and you can receive the support that you need on your step in the process.

All of this is been the result of the all of my growth and manifesting. It is so nice to know that I was being pushed for a purpose...and I am grateful to be here now with all of you. Blessings, M xo

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Cheryl Thompson
Cheryl Thompson
Aug 29, 2022


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