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Getting into Connection with Spirit

This is my journey of connection to spirit and how I was called to use my teaching background to help those who are ready to step into their own psychic ability. Delving into what the energies are, how they affect us and understanding vibrational resonance. Using experiential practice to help you connect to spirit to trust and act on the communication to live in alignment. Included in the video is a guided meditation. Enjoy!

My Background and Why I Bring These Classes

I believe in spirits, angels, and guidance from the outside universe. In my eyes, all people have the power to improve their lives, all they need to do is harness the proper energy. Since 2015, I have been harnessing divine energy to be able to share in a way that you will be able to harness the proper energy for yourself.


Evidential Medium (EM)

The NSAC Spiritualist Manual defines a medium as a person “whose organism is sensitive to the vibrations from the spirit world and through whose instrumentality, the people in the spirit world are able to convey messages and produce the phenomena of Spiritualism.”

Objective: This course is to provide you with the development of your gifts in whatever medium that you receive your connection to Spirit. Identifying your unique gifts, guiding you to the tools, describing the Laws, introducing spirit realm, and gaining practical knowledge to help yourself and others. 

Day 1: The foundation Paradigm Shift and how they affect us and our "gifts."

Day 2: An overview of the Natural Laws and how they instruct us in our "gifts."

Day 3: Spirit Senses: what they are and how we tap into and use them. 

Day 4: Who is with us? Our team of guides explained and how to connect with them. 

Day 5: EM Reading: what that looks like, how to conduct it and giving messages. 

As we move forward, I encourage you to incorporate these principles and practices into your daily life. We are developing a connection to other planes of existence that will take practice and intention to facilitate the connection from you and from Spirit.

5 Weeks of classes 

Email me or Private message me @guidance311 on Facebook if you have questions or would like more information:

*Zoom meetings that will be recorded and sent to you to be able to use for homework purposes and an invitation to Guidance 311: Living in Love private group for interaction, questions and support.


Intuitive Guidance

Objective: We will dive deep into practices and concepts to promote growth in one’s Etheric body to build upon connection to Spirit and the higher dimensions/spirit realm.

Night 1 -The New Earth: Paradigm Shift-duality, choice and why we are ascending unlike ever before. Bringing us to live authentically and have joy now.

Night 2-Human Energy Field-we are hard wired to connect with spirit, higher dimensions and the higher beings.

Night 3-Energy Systems-what they are, how to balance and clear them to live in alignment and have the life experience that we want to have now: happiness, connection and love.

Night 4-Connection to Spirit-how to and who is our team? Feel, see, hear, and know the guidance that IS for you in this life to help guide you on your road to live the life you are here to have.

Night 5-Intuitive Guidance vs. Evidentiary Mediumship and tools to help you tap into the knowledge and answers to the questions that you have from your higher-self. We will focus on Tarot and Oracle Cards.

We are going to work on connecting with Spirit in the ways that you are most comfortable. The goal is to help you forge the connection that will bring you closer to your “gifts” and being able to trust and act on the communication that you receive: clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairolfaction and clairgustation. We will use meditation and breath work to aid you in raising your vibration to develop and enhance your skills. 10 seats available. 

*Zoom meetings that will be recorded and sent to you to be able to use for homework purposes and an invitation to Guidance 311: Living in Love private group for interaction, questions and support.

Client Reviews

Hear It from Them

All the handouts were super helpful, so we knew we didn’t have to struggle to keep track during class. Knowing the different types of ways to receive information, then the next handout of how to practice all of the different ways.  But by far, the most beneficial part was having someone verify what I was thinking or hearing or whatever was correct and I am on the right path. Its hard to know/understand alone. I have read many books, watched documentaries etc. but the personalized instruction is leaps and bounds ahead of figuring things out alone

Kara, Alaska

… I learned and took away something very special from each class. I grew spiritually and as a person. I started walking a path that before I was unsure of and hesitant. I got the courage to move forward in my life to do the things I knew I would love to do. But I held myself back. I felt stronger as I attended each class. Also knowing that I had a tribe of woman there with me and I could turn to if needed. We formed a special bond. It was a safe place to open yourself up in and move forward in your life. I learned about myself and why things were happening in my life. It all started to make sense. Melissa was very informative, patient and kind. I can’t thank her enough. And to all the other ladies I shared this journey with. Thank you.

Carol, New York

*No Refunds after first class is attended. You will receive recordings and handouts as class commences. Thank you.

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