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Living in Love: Course

Melissa Watkins

Mar 22, 2023

I have created a course that you can work through at your own pace to help you Awaken.

This course is years in the making combining my in-person and virtual learning here for you to take and access at your own speed. It is time to live authentically. We are here to be happy, living, loving and manifesting our desires. Learn to receive the guidance and healing that will allow you to have what you are here to have in this life experience.  We are learning to use our consciousness at many different levels accessing more of who we are. This connection is allowing us to awaken to who we really are multidimensional beings that are ascending into the consciousness field and becoming masters of our own destinies. I am so glad that you are here on this journey with me taking the next step. We all are hard wired to receive Spirit communication. It is time to tune in, turn on and tap in as Abraham says. Spiritual awakenings are happening unlike ever before and it is time for us to navigate the vibrational frequencies of the planet and each other to live more connected than ever to Live in Love and realize our mission here on planet Earth. We are here to have happiness, love, and abundance to realize our dreams. Blessings, M xo

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