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Intuitive Coaching

Realizing the Divinity Within

I will incorporate my intuitive gifts, healing modalities to help you step out of the trauma and drama that is holding you back, so that you can realize your most compatible life, relationship, or situation. Working together with your highest-self to release karmic imprints, old patterns, and stuck, stagnant blockages that are holding you back. Giving practices and support for you to take into your own life to implement positive, profound change. 
For those wanting to develop their own intuitive gifts, we will work to connect to spirit and develop your gifts or 'clairs.' Guiding you to develop your relationship with your team of guides, angels and ascended Masters. This can be for your own relationship or to share your gifts with others. 
For those who are stuck in destructive life choices and patterns, who are ready to let go of past beliefs and fears to move into living their most compatible life or relationship. 

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